So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good-bye...

The time has come to say goodbye to this blog and welcome in the new one. There have been so many changes around here in the last month, with the new logo and new website. The new blog just completes that trifecta. This one will remain up until I figure out a way to transfer the archives over or I just get annoyed and delete the whole thing. (haha)

Interestingly enough, this will be the 4th incarnation of my blog. I started out with Myspace (which I still try to keep up as a companion to my current one), then moved on to Blogger, then on to BigFolio and now I am using typepad. Sheesh! I have a feeling I will be with Typepad for a while, though. I really like the versatility and the styling that can be done with it. If you are in the neighborhood for a new blog, let me know and we'll compare notes!

Anyhoo, my first post is up at the new place, so feel free to mosey on over and check it out. Also, please be sure to update your bookmarks and rss feeds!!


The new website is live!!!

I am so excited about this! The new website was launched over the weekend and is now up and running! You can check it out at Deann B.

Not only does it have a ton of updated galleries, a slick design, and a dash of yellow to brighten your day, it also has both an HTML (dial-up, slow connection) and Flash (high-speed connection) portal to optimize your viewing experience.

There is still a bit of tweaking to do (some of you might notice that all my wedding information is missing!) and you can probably guess that there will soon be a new blog to replace this one, but I was too excited to wait any longer!



Time for a Road Trip...

This weekend, Mike, myself, Marisa, and a few of her friends are heading out for an overnight desert campout. We haven't been out in over a year and I'm really excited for some photo opportunities. It's a good time of year to go out because it hasn't gotten too hot yet, but I'm hoping it also won't be too cold, as the desert tends to get chilly at night.

Quick story... on my last camping trip out in Anza-Borrego, we decided to sleep under the stars. The night was clear and the millions of tiny glittering lights overhead were both peaceful and beautiful... and not something you normally see in the city with the abundance of street lamps. I fell asleep, warm and cozy in my sleeping bag, only to wake up an hour or two later to a light pressure on my chest. I must have moved because the little critter got nervous and bounded up and across my face, taking a final leap off my head as I sat up and frantically tried to wipe off the feel of little paws from my forehead.

This time we'll be sleeping in a tent.

Desert2 Desert3 Desert4 Desert5

...3...2...1 Launch!

My new site should be launching this week and I am so, SO very excited! It's taken forever to put everything together, but all the hard work and effort has been so worth it. I love it!

Here are a couple sneak peeks to tide you over until I'm live!


Avalon, Catalina Island

At the end of November, last year, Mike and his daughter, Marisa, were finishing up their SCUBA diving certification. All that was left, after weeks of pool and ocean dives at the local beaches, was one final plunge that tested all of the combined skills they had learned. Lucky for me, it took place on Catalina Island in the city of Avalon - a place I had never been before. I was excited to wander around the candy-colored tourist town for a while on my own... one of my favorite things to do is to explore, camera in hand, and it's even better by myself because I can go at my own pace. That afternoon was heavenly.

(If you're interested in a little Catalina Island history, check this out. Also, can you believe the weather in this place? Keep in mind it was November 24th!)

001 002 003 005

Spring has sprung...

Forget what I said last fall about warm, cozy sweaters, the crisp breeze, and pumpkin lattes... I am loving this spring weather we're enjoying here in San Diego.

I'm not a big fan of weather that is so hot, you feel like dropping wherever you are into a heat-induced slumber. No, this time of year when there is the sweet scent of flowers in the warm air... it's so wonderful. It makes me want to take long walks with my camera, bare-shouldered and enjoying the sunshine.

These two photos were taken last spring... the cherry blossoms in San Francisco and the green grass in my front yard.